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Meet your customer demands with solar energy

Electric cooperatives are listening to their members’ needs for more renewable energy in the mix, while also keeping to their goal of providing low-cost, long-term energy supply. According to the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), 95% of NRECA’s distribution members offer renewable options to 40 million Americans.1

Participating in a larger project, whether through partial sharing or a PPA, can offer significant savings.


Which solution is right for you and your customers?

Deciding which source of renewable energy meets your needs can be tricky. While community solar is one partial solution, co-ops can realize the economies of scale with a large utility-scale solar project. “Participating in a larger project, whether through partial sharing or a PPA, can offer significant savings.” as stated in the NRECA’s report on Renewable Energy for Cooperatives: Ownership vs Power Purchase Agreements.

Solar Procurement Solutions

One solution is our SolarBlocksTM which is our first fixed power block power purchase agreement (PPA) offering. We have executed multiple PPAs featuring SolarBlocks, including the publicly announced Brazos Electric Cooperative and CoServ Electric PPA for the 100 MWac Lapetus project in Texas. With SolarBlocksTM, 7X provides fixed blocks of power on a set schedule, with block intervals set at every 15 minutes or every hour.

The next generation solution is our solar plus storage, Solar+Blocks™, which provides a broader block sizing and time-distribution option through the use of storage co-located and charged-by their solar facilities, rather than market balancing alone.

Another solution is the BoostPPA, a utility-scale solar aggregation product for co-ops with any level of load serving needs. By aggregating demand from multiple co-ops, 7X can spread development costs over a larger project and offer each participating co-op lower PPA pricing. It’s like community solar, but with utility-scale wholesale pricing.


  • Pecos County, TX on ~2000 acres
  • 690 MWp


  • Andrews County, TX on ~4,500 acres
  • 379 MWp

1. Source: National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s website – https://www.electric.coop/wp-content/Renewables/index.html

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