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Meet Your Members’ Needs With Utility-Scale Solar Aggregation

Electric co-ops see the value of adding renewables to their power generation mix. Community solar is a partial solution, but these programs can be difficult for co-ops to develop and manage. Moreover, the economics of community solar are rarely as compelling as with utility-scale projects, though most co-ops don’t have a sufficient load to justify the cost of a utility-scale project.

The solution: BoostPPA, a utility-scale solar aggregation product for co-ops with any level of load serving needs. By aggregating demand from multiple co-ops, 7X can spread development costs over a larger project and offer each participating co-op lower PPA pricing. It’s like community solar, but with utility-scale wholesale pricing.
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Procure the exact capacity you need

Pay only for what you contract to procure based on a fixed-volume, 12-month x 24-hour block structure. Settle financially where it makes sense for you- at the load zone, hub, or busbar/node.
utility scale solar energy company texas

Choose your term

PPA tenors as short as 10 years are available. The longer the term, the more favorable the pricing.
utility scale solar energy company texas

Limit your deal risk

Block purchases by other parties do not affect the term and price for your block.

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