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Meet your energy needs with solar and solar plus storage solutions

We recognize that customers are demanding a shift in the way power is generated and we are adapting to the demand for clean energy solutions.

- Glenn Wright, President of Shell Energy North America.

Corporate Spotlight: Shell Energy North America

  • Phoebe Energy Project
  • 315 MWp

We deliver

Working in both regulated and deregulated markets, 7X can offer firm power or sell solar to energy buyers directly or through utilities, retail energy providers, or brokers, and deliver complete energy solutions with utility-scale solar and/or storage.


7X offers innovative buying choices ranging from traditional PPAs, virtual PPAs, retail “sleeves”, tax equity investment, green tariffs, and more. There are different purchasing models (new types of agreements as well as product structures) and we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all model nowadays. The flexibility 7X offers provides:

  • Economic benefits
  • PPA enhancements (aggregations, proxy generation, fixed shape)
  • Reduced risks
  • Short-term agreement length
  • Smaller companies can buy a piece of a larger project


  • Pecos County, TX on ~2000 acres
  • 602 MWp


  • Andrews County, TX on ~800 acres
  • 130 MWp

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