DevOps Engineer

Position Title

DevOps Engineer

Office Location

Austin, Texas


7X, a leading solar developer, is seeking a DevOps Engineer, who will work on 7X’s software suite to optimize the solar development lifecycle. Working in a fast-paced technology team, the successful candidate will support data and server management activities and assist in the development of 7X’s proprietary industry-leading analytics pipelines.

Essential Functions

  • Manage application environments including updates, security, and backups
  • Administer cloud-hosted servers and local workstations
  • Automate virtual machines for data analysis
  • Design and support database operations
  • Build and maintain ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) data processes
  • Identify new data sources, database techniques, and automation capabilities

Required Skills

  • A minimum of three years of experience
  • Experience with securing and managing servers and virtual machines
  • Fluent in Linux Command Line, a scripting language, and SQL
  • Based in the Austin, TX office

Preferred Skills

  • Knowledge of infrastructure-as-code technologies (Docker, AWS) and appropriateness
  • Fluent in Python (or R) and PostgreSQL
  • Experience acquiring and processing GIS data
  • Preference to learn new tools, libraries, and languages to optimally complete tasks


Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/Engineering or equivalent experience


7X Energy, Inc offers competitive salary and benefits and is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Please send resume and cover letter to Ashley Highsmith at Ashley.Highsmith@7X.energy

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