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At nearly 176 MWp, the Elara Energy Project will be the second largest solar project built in ERCOT South Zone.

Working with retail electric provider, EDF Energy Services, Elara will provide its clients reliable energy to meet their commitment to achieve net-zero emissions. 

Project Details

  • Project


  • Location

Frio County, TX on ~1,700 acres

  • Projected Capacity

~176 MWp

  • Number of Modules

Approximately 600,000

  • Developer

7X Energy is the originating and sole developer and owns 100% of the equity in the project

  • Energy Buyer

EDF Energy Services for Baker Hughes

  • Contract Term


  • Operational Timeline

Breaking ground late Q3 2020; Operational (COD) Q2 2021

project benefits

  • Environmental

Elara will produce over ~324,558 MWh of renewable energy in its first year of operation. This equates1 to:

  • Carbon sequestered by almost 193,097 acres of forest in one year
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of almost 31,944 cars off the road for one year
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions of over 25,033 homes’ electricity use for one year
  • Economic
  • During construction the project will generate approximately 150 jobs during the peak of construction
  • Over the life of the facility, Elara will inject over 5 million dollars in property tax revenue into Frio County and approximately 18 million dollars into Pearsall ISD.

1 https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator (2019 eGrid ERCOT CO2 lbs/MWh emissions factor)

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