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Are you a landowner?

Do you want to take advantage of the solar boom and harness the sun? Are you looking for a stable income that is insulated from market fluctuations associated with other land use? Now is a great opportunity to supplement your income by leasing or selling your land at competitive market prices.

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Who is 7X Energy?

7X Energy is an established, well-financed developer of solar farms that provides clean energy to utilities, municipals, cooperatives, and corporations. The solar farms we develop require large amounts of land where we will ultimately place tens of thousands of solar panels.

We have a proven track record with over 1,600 MWp in operation or under construction. With over a decade of renewable energy experience, we have the skills and expertise required to identify, develop, design, finance, and construct successful solar projects. 

We are guests on your land

The 7X Energy team understands that we are guests on the land, and we respect property rights, land ownership, and privacy of all landowners. We work with local communities to obtain permits and be good neighbors. We minimize the impact on the landowner, the community, and the environment.

As a landowner, that’s where you come in.

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