7x energy solar power development company

How It Works

How We Work with Landowners:
Four Phases

  1. Initial Review: After we receive your form submission, we will review the information provided to determine if your land is suitable to host a solar facility. If our requirements are met and there is a demand for solar energy in the area, someone from 7X will reach out to you by phone.
  2. Development: Once there is an agreement signed between a landowner and 7X, we will enter into the development term. This term can last from 18 months up to four years. During this time, we will conduct environmental, archaeological, geotechnical, electric grid interconnection, and other project-related studies. We require only minimal use of your land, and you can continue to use your land as you normally would.
  3. Construction: At the conclusion of the development term, we will enter the project construction phase. It is at this point that 7X requires full use of the land and begins the construction of the solar facility.
  4. Operations: Upon completion of construction, the solar facility will be brought online and will produce clean, renewable energy for the next 35 – 45 years. Although solar facilities require very little maintenance, a small on-site staff (typically 1-2 people) will maintain a presence at the project for security and maintenance. Solar facilities are very low impact and do not produce noise or air pollution. They are also generally screened from public rights of way to minimize visual impact.

More questions? We’ve got answers.

If you are interested in leasing or selling your land for solar farm development, please fill out the landowner inquiry form. We will be in touch to follow up if your land sounds like a good fit for our needs. Thank you!

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