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At 130 MWp, the Lapetus project is the largest solar project built for an electric cooperative in the state of Texas.

Solar energy from the Lapetus facility was sold in SolarBlocksTM under a multi-year Power Purchase Agreement. SolarBlocks is a power block purchasing strategy developed by 7X that enables customers to procure contractually guaranteed fixed blocks of energy produced from solar plants. The fixed blocks of solar, which can be forecasted down to the 15-minute settlement interval, locks in low energy rates during peak periods when electricity can be most expensive and removes the intermittent variability of delivered energy associated with traditional solar farms. SolarBlocks can be purchased by not only electric cooperatives and utilities but also corporations in competitive retail electricity markets.

Project Details

  • Project


  • Location

Andrews County, TX on ~800 acres

  • Projected Capacity

130 MWp

  • Number of Modules

Approximately 339,622

  • Developer

7X Energy was the originating developer and Duke Energy Renewables (owner)

  • Energy Buyer

CoServ Electric, a utility serving over 220,000 electric meters in North Texas, and seven other Brazos Electric Power  distribution cooperative members .

  • Contract Term


  • Operational Timeline

December 2019

project benefits

  • Environmental

Lapetus will produce over ~288,204 MWh of renewable energy in its first year of operation. This equates1 to:

  • Carbon sequestered by almost 171,469 acres of forest in one year
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of almost 28,366 cars off the road for one year
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions of over 22,230 homes’ electricity use for one year
  • Economic
  • During construction the project generated up to 240 jobs during the peak of construction
  • Over the life of the facility, Lapetus will inject 20 million dollars in property tax revenue into Andrews County

1 https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator (2016 eGrid ERCOT CO2 lbs/MWh emissions factor)

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