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Solar Energy for Municipalities

Take advantage of the benefits of going solar

Cities around the country are committing to powering their municipal operations with renewable energy to meet the growing needs of their communities. 7X understands that while meeting these needs, municipalities must ensure that it’s economical and overall beneficial to their residents. 7X provides low-cost renewable energy solutions through our speed to operation, flexibility, and in-house expertise to meet your community’s needs.

On behalf of mayors across the country, I am proud that we are leading our communities to a renewable future, and we’re doing so with the support of our local businesses, community members, and national partners.

- Jackie Biskupski, Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah

Speed to Operation

Using our proprietary software, Smart Power MapsTM, we are able to rapidly identify sites that align with your needs and can be brought to operation quickly, with minimal risk. This enables you to meet your growing customer needs for a diverse energy mix quickly.


We understand that while you are trying to meet those renewable energy goals, you want a low-cost solution that won’t impact rates and with minimal risk. Our flexible deal structures are custom tailored solutions for different regulated and deregulated markets. They range from offering various products, tenor, and pricing structures like green tariffs, general power purchase agreements (PPAs), virtual PPAs, solar blocks and solar plus storage, (SolarBlocks and our new product Solar+Blocks), and aggregations (Boost PPA) all while delivering firm power with guaranteed hourly delivery.


7X has in-house expertise from site acquisition, permitting, engineering, interconnection, to EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) management, and asset management of over 10,000 MW of renewable energy project.


  • Pecos County, TX on ~2000 acres
  • 690 MWp


  • Andrews County, TX on ~4,500 acres
  • 379 MWp

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