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7X is a recognized leader in the solar industry for executing and delivering projects on time.

Why 7X?

With the growing value of renewable energy, customers from all across the spectrum are seeking out solar projects in order to tap into the economic and sustainable benefits they offer. Our mission at 7X is to offer customers the lowest cost of electricity available through utility-scale solar by leveraging our innovativeness, flexibility, and experience.

7X offers speed to operations through our innovative proprietary siting software Smart Power MapsTM (SPM), competitive pricing , and in-house expertise.

10,000 MW

Collective Utility-Scale Expertise

1,700 MW

Operational Experience

5,000 MW

Developed since 2016

1,000 MW

Under Construction or with PPAs

Corporate Solar Projects

Buying solar power provides a wide array of benefits to corporations—especially those that consume a large amount of electricity, such as data center operators and manufacturers. Not only will you able to tout your environmental responsibility to investors, but it just makes financial sense.

Utility Solar Projects

In order to meet your customer needs for more renewable energy in their energy mix, there are many solutions 7X can provide to meet those goals. Through cost-competitive large-scale solar PV energy projects, 7X offers:

  • Speed to operation
  • Flexible Deal Structures
  • Experience

Solar Energy for Municipalities

Need to meet the renewable energy demands of your customers while still procuring electricity with a long-term, fixed-price structure, free from the volatility of fuel prices; then large scale solar is the best solution.

7X works with municipalities to model the right contract structure to best meet your needs. This includes virtual and physical PPAs, sleeve models, green tariffs, and other evolving structures.

We have a lean cost structure, and we pass the resulting financial efficiency on to our customers in the form of highly-competitive PPA pricing.

Co-Ops and Solar Energy Projects

7X offers electric cooperatives solutions that allow you to procure the exact capacity you need, choose your term, limit your deal risk and settle financially where it makes sense for you. From general power purchase agreements (PPAs) to 7X’s BoostPPA, SolarBlocksTM, and Solar+Blocks, we can help find the right solution for you and your member’s energy needs..

Retail Energy Providers (REP)

Are you looking to provide your customers with competitive, reliable, renewable energy? If so, partner with us to provide a quality solar project with low risk at a competitive price for your customers. We can work with you, as we have with other REPs, regarding your customer’s energy usage and the best 7X projects and products to meet their needs.

From traditional PPAs, virtual PPAs, retail “sleeving”, tax equity investment, green tariffs, SolarBlocks (block and index), and more. 7X provides flexible contract structures, innovative software, and in-house expertise with over 50 years combined renewable industry and retail experience.


We understand your goal is to provide your clients with the best renewable energy source that can help them save money, hedge against market volatility, reduce their carbon footprint, and/or diversify their energy portfolio. 7X can provide low-cost solar energy solutions to help meet their needs. With over 1.5 GWp contracted and/or under construction, we are the developer of choice.

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