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Our Mission

7X: A New Kind of Utility-Scale Solar & Storage Developer.
Our mission is to offer our customers the lowest cost of electricity available through utility-scale solar and storage. We deliver on that promise by taking an agile approach to the solar and storage development process that minimizes costs and risks.

Stewards of the Next Generation

7X is dedicated to bringing more renewable energy to the electricity grid, thereby helping to make the world more sustainable for future generations. The 7X Energy name is rooted in the Iroquois philosophy that urges the current generation of humans to live and work for the benefit of the seventh generation into the future. The name of our company is a powerful daily reminder to our team of the critical importance of our work.

Our Approach

7X is aligned around three interrelated pillars of excellence: innovation, flexibility, and experience.


7X continuously searches for ways to drive down the soft costs of solar development, while making it faster and less complex for our customers to procure utility-scale solar power. Our innovative solutions include our siting and transmission software, and unique business models and product offerings
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From markets in different regulatory environments to contracts that offer various product, tenor, or pricing structures, our customers require tailored solutions. 7X’s flexible approach enables us to:

  • Offer firm power to customers who prefer guaranteed hourly delivery, virtual PPAs, and aggregations.
  • Sell solar energy to energy customers directly or through utilities, brokers, or retail energy providers.
  • Deliver complete energy solutions with utility-scale solar and/or storage.


7X has an ideal team to build utility-scale solar and solar plus storage projects. We employ seasoned veterans with a proven track record in leading renewable energy companies. The team’s 10,000 MW of collective utility-scale expertise–including over 1,700 MW of operational experience— spans from site acquisition and permitting to interconnection and engineering across multiple states. Our depth of experience enables us to steer clear of pitfalls, mitigate risks, and reduce development costs.


Our Commitment

We are committed to driving down the cost of the development and delivery of renewable resources to enable greater access to clean energy. With our strong innovative spirit, flexibility, and our team’s renewable energy expertise, customers can feel confident partnering with 7X.

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