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Power Marketers

Work with an experienced solar developer

We have a proven track record of executing our developed projects and understand the need to reduce risk.

7X has experience working with power marketers and can execute solar energy hedge contracts in a variety of forms: ISDAs, Fixed Shape PPAs, and EEIs. We offer physical and fixed-volume hedges as well.

With the purchase of $100 million worth of inverters, we can also qualify more than 2,000 MWac of projects for 100% of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). 

4,000 MW

Development Portfolio

Proven track record

With over 1.6 GWp of projects under construction or operating that we originated and developed, 7X has a track record of execution and an experienced team to site and develop high quality projects quickly.

Our in-house transmission team enables us to site and develop projects with minimal basis risk. Our siting and transmission software, Smart Power MapsTM, can identify ideal greenfield sites based on dozens of factors, including solar resource, deliverability, and topography, thus ensuring that we build quality solar development projects and execute power purchase agreements.

Optimized Solutions

7X has a team that understands the variety of needs and preferences of wholesale energy traders. We can help you size and optimize your renewable energy hedge, meeting your specific needs to reduce risk and create a compelling proposition. Working with counterparties, we use a flexible approach to create a winning agreement for all.


  • Pecos County, TX on ~2000 acres
  • 602 MWp


  • Andrews County, TX on ~800 acres
  • 130 MWp

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