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7X Solar Project Development

Developing solar projects for a brighter, renewable future.

Whether you are an energy buyer or a landowner , the key qualities you want from a solar developer are experience, value, and promptness.

7X Energy is a leading developer of utility-scale solar projects. The 7X team has more than a decade of experience and collectively has led the development of over 10 GW of utility-scale renewable energy projects across North America. Since our inception in 2016, we have over 1,500 MWp of solar projects under construction or contracted where 7X Energy is the lead or originating developer.

7X is a financially strong company with solid relationships with investors and power purchasers with a vested interest in seeing projects built and operated successfully.

The 7X Energy team has also successfully financed multiple utility-scale renewable energy projects and has raised over $6 billion of capital.

7X offers speed to operations through our innovative proprietary siting and transmission software Smart Power MapsTM (SPM), competitive pricing (our flexible contract models allow for the right low-cost choice for energy buyers), and in-house expertise.

Utilities of all kinds and in many places are accelerating from zero to 100 on solar in response to record low prices.

- Daisy Chung, Research Manager, SEPA

10,000 MW

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Finding a Place for Solar Project Development

We have invested over several million dollars in software with tools that are far more advanced than what most of our competitors are using. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, we channel the technology spirit, using big data and analytics to site and finance projects. This in turn enables us to be agile and provide fully developed projects in a much shorter time than our competitors.

7X developed Smart Power MapsTM (SPM) which is a geospatial software visualization platform that accelerates the site selection process. With SPM, we can identify ideal greenfield sites based on dozens of factors, including solar resource, proximity to transmission infrastructure, and topography. It also helps us to identify potential design and construction challenges early-on so that we can plan around them and avoid costly delays. The speed and efficiency of SPM minimizes risks on our projects and reduces our development timeframe and costs.

Solar Project Development Process

Once we find a promising site using SPM, we:

  • Negotiate real estate agreements
  • Conduct project-related assessments and studies
  • Begin project planning and design
  • Start the permitting process
  • Discuss and negotiate with local utilities
  • Secure interconnection and transmission agreements

7X understands that we are guests on the land and we respect property rights, land ownership, and privacy of all landowners. We endeavor to minimize the impact on the landowner, the community, and the environment.

Our experienced development team navigates through the various environmental, archaeological, geotechnical, and grid interconnection assessments and studies.

The 7X team manages the critical process of obtaining all necessary permitting and zoning approvals on our solar development projects to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. 7X also routinely augments its in-house staff resources with third party consultants to ensure that the team includes members with the best available local knowledge of how to achieve successful permitting, zoning, and public involvement for any given project.

Our transmission team performs in-house modeling of electricity systems and markets, providing injection capacity analysis, LMP basis, and curtailment risk analysis.

‘With our expert development capabilities, we ensure the project moves to the next phase – construction.


  • Pecos County, TX on ~2000 acres
  • 690 MWp


  • Andrews County, TX on ~4,500 acres
  • 379 MWp

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