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Add a Low-Cost, Fixed-Price Generation Source to Your Grid

Forward-thinking utilities understand the value of adding renewables to their power generation mix. For most utilities, solar power generation procured through a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is the best choice.
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Highly Competitive PPA Rates

7X has a lean cost structure, and we pass the resulting financial efficiency on to our customers in the form of highly-competitive PPA pricing.
utility scale solar energy company texas

Speed to Operation

7X’s proprietary Smart Power Maps™ software platform enables us to rapidly identify sites that align with your needs and that can be brought to operation quickly, with minimal risk.
utility scale solar energy company texas

Dedication to additionality

7X is a serial developer with a long-term commitment to building greenfield solar farms. Your customers will recognize and reward your efforts toward embracing clean energy, especially when you can show that a solar farm was built from scratch to support your initiatives.
utility scale solar energy company texas

The Right Team

7X is a stable, well-financed company founded and led by industry veterans with a proven track record of developing over 10,000 MW of utility-scale solar projects at companies such as SunPower, RES Americas, and SunEdison.

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