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Add a Low-Cost, Fixed-Price Generation Source to Your Grid

Forward-thinking utilities understand the value of adding renewables to their power generation mix. For most utilities, solar power generation procured through a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is the best choice.

Highly Competitive PPA Rates

7X has a lean cost structure, and we pass the resulting financial efficiency on to our customers in the form of highly-competitive PPA pricing.

Speed to Operation

7X’s proprietary Smart Power Maps™ software platform enables us to rapidly identify sites that align with your needs and that can be brought to operation quickly, with minimal risk.

Dedication to additionality

7X is a serial developer with a long-term commitment to building greenfield solar farms. Your customers will recognize and reward your efforts toward embracing clean energy, especially when you can show that a solar farm was built from scratch to support your initiatives.

The Right Team

7X is a stable, well-financed company founded and led by industry veterans with a proven track record of developing over 10,000 MW of utility-scale solar projects at companies such as SunPower, RES Americas, and SunEdison.

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