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7X Energy: Trusted Partner for Low-Cost, Fixed-Price Solar Generation

7X Energy (7X) understands you need to meet the needs of your different customers as you develop your integrated resource plan (IRP). As the growing demand to add utility-scale solar energy quickly to the power generation mix, 7X can help you meet those goals.

Utilities of all kinds and in many places are accelerating from zero to 100 on solar in response to record low prices.

- Daisy Chung, Research Manager, SEPA

Utility Spotlight: Duke Energy Renewables

  • Lapetus Energy Project
  • 130 MWp

Owner: Duke Energy Renewables

PPA: Brazos Electric Power and CoServ Electric

Flexible Offtake Agreements

7X looks for win-win solutions and we offer innovative buying choices ranging from physical power purchase agreements (PPA), fixed blocks through our SolarBlocksTM and SolarBlocks+ products, green tariffs, and other evolving structures. The purchasing structures and agreements 7X offers utilities provide:

  • economic benefits
  • PPA enhancements (aggregations, proxy generation, fixed shape)
  • reduced risks
  • short-term agreement length

We have a lean cost structure, and we pass the resulting financial efficiency on to our clients in the form of highly competitive PPA pricing.

Phoebe Energy Project

Award Winning Software

Using our proprietary software, Smart Power MapsTM (SPM), we are able to rapidly identify sites that align with your needs and can be brought to operation quickly, with minimal risk. SPM, which is a geospatial software visualization platform, uses big data and analytics to accelerate the site selection process. With SPM, we can identify ideal greenfield sites based on dozens of factors, including solar resource, proximity to transmission infrastructure, and topography. It also helps us to identify potential design and construction challenges early-on so that we can plan around them and avoid costly delays. The speed and efficiency of SPM minimizes risks on our projects and reduces our development timeframe and costs.

This enables you to meet your growing customer needs for a diverse energy mix quickly. In the age of “right now” this solution shows your customers your commitment to meeting their needs.

7X’s Experience

7X Energy has successfully developed multiple utility-scale solar projects with over 1,600 MWp under construction or operation.

We provide development and construction management services of renewable energy projects in the U.S. and have developed our own proprietary transmission analytic software enabling us to integrate utility-scale solar projects in restructured electricity markets.

The experience, attention to detail, reliability, transactional ease, and trust in the market that 7X Energy possesses has led to demonstrable success at developing, contracting, and bringing projects to completion in a timely manner.

Phoebe Energy Project

Utility Scale Solar: A Win-Win Solution

Solar power procurement offers you an opportunity to be customer focused by providing a renewable energy resource in a way that won’t affect your bottom line. As the cost of renewable energy continues to decline, integrating solar power into the generation mix ensures keeping the revenue stream within the utility while meeting your customers’ needs.


  • Pecos County, TX on ~2000 acres
  • 602 MWp


  • Andrews County, TX on ~800 acres
  • 130 MWp

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